Tuesday 22 July 2014

wow word doughnuts

Wow word doughnuts

Yesterday I decided to help my son (8 years) to learn a few 'wow' words (as his school calls them). I found a lovely collection of free printables at Sparklebox where they had arranged synonyms on some images of Chelsea buns.

Next, the children and I made some tiny flags. We cut out lots of small diamond shapes from brightly coloured paper and then attached them to cocktail sticks with sticky tape. We then wrote a word on each tiny flag. There were 210 in total and I soon wished I hadn't started!

We persevered and they did look cute and colourful when finished.

Now for the fun part....

I bought a box of mini doughnuts and put a key word (big, good, etc) in each one. The children then stuck the other flags, with the synonyms, into the correct mini doughnut. (It would have been much easier with full-sized doughnuts but I needed 20 and there were only 2 of them eating them so it had to be mini ones).

Once all the flags had been stuck in they chose 4. We read out the words and checked they were in the right place before the doughnut could be eaten.

They really enjoyed this and still have plenty of doughnuts left for another day.

Those of you who know my passion for phonics will already have guessed how I'm going to adapt this activity for the languages classroom. I'm planning on having a French breakfast next term. We'll use croissants and pains au chocolat instead of doughnuts and, instead of synonyms, the children can group words containing a certain phoneme (an and oi words for the croissant and in words for the pains au chocolat). I'll post here when we've done it. Miam, miam!

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