Sunday 5 October 2014

Multisensory activity

Tomorrow I'll be practising colours with Year 4 and we'll be doing a multisensory activity. I learnt about this activity so many years ago that I cannot be sure of the source. I think it was first introduced to me on the CILT Methods and Materials course over a decade ago, in which case it should be attributed to Carmel O'Hagan. If anyone knows different then please let me know and I shall make amends.

The original idea was to get the children to use colour words, preferably from memory. The activity is first demonstrated using a volunteer. The volunteer is shown a pair of objects that are similar (but not identical) in size, shape and texture but which are completely different colours. You could use 2 toy cars, 2 teddies, 2 drinks bottles, etc. provided they can be distinguished by feeling them. Once the 2 objects have been presented to the volunteer, e.g. "une voiture rouge......une voiture jaune" and the  volunteer has had a chance to feel each one, he/ she is then blindfolded. The teacher then hands one of the objects to the volunteer, who must identify its colour by touch alone, saying "c'est la voiture rouge" or just "c'est la rouge".
The activity is then played in small groups.

I have taken it a step further by involving some of the other senses. I have some shower gel and some bath bombs to smell.....

some maracas to listen to ......

and some chocolate buttons (milk and white) to taste. I also have feathers to feel and some different fabrics - satin and velvet.

Of course, you could use this activity to practise all sorts of language - such as grand / petit.

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